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Angevin Wines Export – Education – Tours – Wine expert, export agent, wine sourcing and wine education

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What I do

I provide a variety of services around wine supply, export and education. Click a photo for more details!

Import/Export partner

A specialist in the Loire valley (see), Champagne, and the Rhone, I have a deep network and experience in these regions that I can… See more

Winery Export Services

For wineries who wish to develop their export markets but do not have in-house resources, I function as an export department… Click for more details.

Education and Vineyard Tours

I teach both WSET classes as well as a wide range classes covering French wines and regions, wine making and the business of wine.

Special Projects

I conduct special projects for clients and am available to help you. Click link in photo to see some examples of recent projects.

Would you like to schedule a class, a vineyard visit, a tasting or another session?

Please use the contact form below, or any of the bottons at the bottom of the site to send a request. Someone will get back to you quickly!

About Me

Expertise and intimate knowledge of french and European wine, proximity to the vineyards and access to wineries: outsource your sourcing and supply management services .
I put my sourcing and sales experience at the disposal of your business: efficiency, proximity and speed to market.

Passionate about wine making and the incredible range of wines from the vineyard regions of France, Italy, Germany and beyond, I developed an interest in wine and the cultural history surrounding it very early on. During years of investigating the French wine regions, I developed a network of wineries and winemakers whose regions and wines I got to know well: Champagne, the Loire Valley, the Rhone valley, Provence and Savoie were my training grounds. Almost 10 years later, after having traversed these regions several times (and in some cases many, many times) to discover the wines and the terroirs of each, and many courses in wine tasting and basic oenological principles behind me, I validated the knowledge I had accumulated over these many years through the WSET level 3 (“Advanced”) exam. I now provide export services to wineries in several wine regions of France, and wines to clients in mainland China; I teach WSET classes regularly, and provide a wide range of wine-tasting classes in Paris and elsewhere.

Get in touch

Opportunities to work together? Reach out, I'd love to hear from you! You can leave a message here, or use any of the contact methods below.